You won't taste this anywhere else


Scratch Kitchen & Specilty Coffee
Serving Seasonal Breakfast and Lunch
Monday–Sunnday 7am-2pm


At COPA, we take pride in being a scratch-based kitchen and specialty coffee shop that's far from ordinary. At COPA, our mission is to curate a distinctive dining experience that combines a thoughtfully crafted breakfast and lunch menu with coffee beverages that showcase a constantly evolving selection of single-origin beans sourced from across the globe.

Our philosophy at Coffee Parlor is rooted in the belief that exceptional food and extraordinary coffee are perfect companions. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every dish we serve, as we create delicious and innovative all-day breakfast and lunch options using locally sourced, fresh ingredients. By blending the essence of California with the rich tapestry of coffee culture and the diverse culinary flavors of our state, we've cultivated a unique dining atmosphere.

Here at Coffee Parlor, we wear our coffee nerd and food geek badges with pride. We're passionate about every step of the process, from bean selection to brewing techniques, and we're dedicated to bringing it all together into a harmonious symphony of flavors for your enjoyment. .


2944 Clark Ave
Long Beach, CA